Join HoCuIn’17 to take courses and participant in group projects.
It’s ALLOWED to take PARTIAL COURSES, you can simply pick those lectures interest you. We won’t ask students to be at the workshop throughout the whole process.

To register:

The form will be closed at 23:59 on June 25th. Please sign up before deadline.

If there are more than 30 people register, we might not be able to accept all the students. In that case (which has only slight chances), further notification will be delivered to your e-mail.

The specific location, schedule will be given to you before the first day of the workshop.


Attending the exhibition on the final day (7/22)

The final exhibition and presentation are open to anyone. There is no registration, just come and join us at 13:30, 7/22 @ R310, CSIE, NTU (台大德田館 R310).